Whether you’re a player, parent or coach, the latest team management software can make an enormous difference to how efficiently your team is run. Suitable for most team sports, a lot of the software available is free or with minimal charges/fees for certain functions so you won’t have to take out an emergency loan to be able to afford it.

Not only can this software save you a lot of valuable time but it can be adapted so it’s accessible for several administrators. This is especially useful if your team relies on parents and other adults to help out with voluntary duties – either for training, fund-raising, carpooling and/or helping out on match days. 

What kind of features can you expect from a team software management package?

Help with scheduling

Instead of painstakingly filling in spreadsheets as you juggle friendly and league games, sports management software can arrange the schedule of the team. It can keep track of training and also home/away games. It also gives players the ability to notify the coach if they will be absent.

Easier communications

Sending out mass group text messages and/or emails can take up a lot of a team administrator’s time. When players don’t reply or confirm, it’s impossible to know if they’ve received the message. This can be especially problematic when you have to re-schedule training or matches at the last moment. Sports management software incorporates tools which can send messages to all players on the team roster as well as their parents. 

Automatic reminders can also let volunteers keep track of when it’s their turn to carry out a duty for the team. This can be particularly useful if your team organises a carpool to transport younger players to and from practice. For league games, this messaging app can also inform drivers of the location of away games and the best route so no one ever arrives late for a game again.

Improving the team spirit

How many times have you wanted to take a photo at a game and missed the moment by a split second? The team management software might have a gallery so that parents, fans and other spectators can share photos from games – or even from training or evenings out together as a team. This can be a great way to encourage players’ pride in – and commitment to – the team.

Online registration and payments

Online registration can make an administrator’s job much easier. As for payments, a secure payment procedure – either online or through an app – can ensure that parents and/or players keep up with their monthly subs. The software can also incorporate additional payments which are owed such as for the purchase of new uniforms.

This leads to a team which runs smoothly as it can meet all its financial commitments. Unfortunately, the same isn’t always true in our personal lives. If you are a homeowner, it’s possible to apply online and borrow up to £25,000 when you’re having trouble making ends meet.