A recent study was conducted on various sports to determine which of them offer the greatest health benefits. Of all the sports analyzed on US-Reviews, the winners were:

  • tennis,
  • squash,
  • rowing,
  • swimming
  • running.

So, here are the five sports considered to be the most recommended for a healthy life. The statistics were based on factors such as cardio and muscular endurance, possible risks of injury, and calories burned during a 30-minute exercise session. It will also help you to check different fitness brands reviews in US.

1.  Squash

Squash is considered to be the healthiest sport, being at the top of the rankings. This is due to the following characteristics: the level of flexibility involved; the high level of cardio and muscular endurance needed to cope with this game; a considerable level of calories burned over 30 minutes.

In 2003, Forbes, the magazine of successful people, declared squash the healthiest sport. Squash then surpassed established sports such as swimming, climbing, or rowing. In the selection process, the prestigious magazine took into account criteria such as cardiorespiratory endurance, the intensity of muscle mass demand, calories burned, flexibility, or risk of injury.

It is no coincidence that squash reached the top of the list. Practice shows that in an hour you can burn an incredible number of calories, 800-1000, even 1200.

Squash is ideal for very busy people, who want to maintain their health, competitiveness, physical and mental tone, get rid of daily stress, and have fun at the same time.

2.  Rowing

Rowing was ranked second in this ranking because it has a higher rate of muscular endurance and cardio. However, the activity did not turn out to burn a lot of calories in 30 minutes. The great advantage of this sport is the reduced risk of possible injuries.

3.  Swimming

In third place in this ranking is swimming, a very popular sport. Swimming is one of the most complex sports. It requires coordination, tracking breathing, and developing the best technique possible.

Due to its nature, it has a moderate amount of injury risks. However, it increases the level of cardio and muscular endurance, especially if you swim long distances.

4.  Running

Running is the kind of physical activity that anyone can practice, anytime and anywhere. Of course, everyone will choose the pace and distance they will run, depending on several factors.

Running requires a lot of physical strength and endurance. At the same time, it is a sport that pushes cardio and muscle levels to high levels. Regular running has been shown to increase bone density and strength.

Also, running while listening to music helps to relax and therefore lowers stress, tension and gives you a feeling of well-being.

5.  Tennis

Tennis also called white sport, or noble sport is becoming more and more popular and appreciated. Due to the energetic effort from mini sprints and other movements performed during an intensive game, tennis is considered to be one of the best aerobic activities. At the same time, in only 30 minutes of tennis, you burn an impressive number of calories.

We all want to know which are the healthiest and most beneficial sports to have as many advantages in a very short time. Thus, the aim is to increase endurance, muscle toning, weight loss, but also fun.

After all, any sport, indoor or outdoor, will be beneficial to your health. It is important to like it, to enjoy the moments spent like this, and to feel that time has been gained.

Continue to stay active, regardless of age and the sport you have chosen to practice!