There are several types of steroids used for various purposes, one of which is hilma steroids. Then, have you ever heard of anabolic steroids? If we hear news about an athlete who uses steroids to increase his muscle, usually the steroid in question is anabolic steroids. What is its function and are there any side effects?

What is an anabolic steroid?

Anabolic steroids have a function to build muscle and accelerate wound healing. Some athletes use steroids to improve their physical abilities. The type of steroid used is a synthetic version of testosterone. This important hormone for men does have a function as muscle formation and physical changes in men. Both men and women do produce testosterone, but testosterone added from outside can trigger some consequences.

Beyond certain medical conditions, the effects of anabolic steroids are very strong, steroids with good quality are hilma steroids which are proven to be effective and medically safe. Usually recommended by doctors for athletes

What are the side effects of steroids?

Steroids are powerful hormones. Steroids used will affect the whole body. If used for some time will cause changes to the physical.

Side effects of steroids in men

The following will happen to a man’s body after over-using steroids:

• Breast growth

• When erect, the pain will appear

• Testicles will shrink

• A decrease in sperm production

• Risk of infertility

• Risk of impotence

Side effects of steroids in women

Some women also take steroids, the following effects will be caused:

• The appearance of many fine hairs on the body and face

• There are heavier sound changes

• Menstrual cycles become irregular

• There is a widening of the clitoris

• Reduced breast size

Side effects of steroids in adolescents

Steroids are not only used by adults, but there are also teenagers who use steroids for several reasons. The following effects may occur:

• There is a problem with height, users can experience obstacles to bone growth so they have a short body.

• If used by adolescent girls, the impact is long-term masculinization.

Most often, steroids are injected into the body. The illegality of this steroid makes the injection used not guaranteed its sterility. The risk of HIV or hepatitis infection can be caused, if the injection used is not sterile. Still according to Mautner, quoted by WebMD, “Five people might be wearing it and not have long term problems. But the sixth might end in death. “

Short-term effects and long-term use of steroids

Some people suspect that steroids are addictive, but this cannot be confirmed. Some of these people continue to use it even though the effects are getting heavier and cause unwanted effects. While some others assume that steroids do not cause addiction, because it does not make the user feel a certain ‘euphoria’ – the effect of feeling that often arises in drug abuse.

Physical changes and abilities can cause some other undesirable short-term effects such as:

• Pimples due to hormones becoming messy

• Changes in mood

• Tired or weak

• The feeling of anxiety

• Decreased appetite

• Having sleep disorders

• Tendency to oily skin

• Risk of baldness

• Risk of jaundice – changes in skin color to yellow in infants

The long-term effects are:

• Easily angry or agitated, aggressive behavior aka roid rage

• Paranoia – the appearance of strange thoughts

• Emergence of delusions – thoughts that are contrary to reality

•              Heart attack

• There is a widening of the heart – caused by damage to the heart muscle

• There is a risk of developing liver cancer

• Increase bad cholesterol levels

• Steroid dependence

If you have experienced dependency, then you immediately need treatment. Dependency can be illustrated by sufferers feeling unable to use certain bodily functions if without steroids. Though excessive use will increase hormones in the body and the effect will be more severe.

Stopping the steroid is usually done by a tapering program to minimize the symptoms of “fly” steroids, such as:

• Apathy and depression

• Difficulty concentrating

• Insomnia

• Decreased sexual needs

•              Headache

•              Muscle ache

• Anxious

• Anorexia

• Tired or weak