Testosterone is a steroid hormone that can be found naturally in the body.

While 96 percent of testosterone is used for other purposes in the body, most people generally concentrate on the ability of these hormones to create physical changes.

building muscle

Testosterone can trigger an increase in muscle mass, but caution is needed because testosterone can also cause many problems in the body. But along with the development of technology, you can now get quality steroid sport injections at a cheap price, and safe for your body, which is internationally certified,

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In competitive sports, using testosterone is considered doping.

Every athlete must be careful and ensure that the supplements consumed do not contain testosterone which can be considered as doping. But not for


Although men and women both produce testosterone in the adrenal gland, Leydig cells in male testicles are the largest producers of testosterone.

Men produce around 7 milligrams of testosterone per day or about 15 times the amount produced by women.

After testosterone enters the bloodstream, 96 percent to 98 percent of them will be connected to a protein called albumin and globulin and used to support kidney function and blood circulation.

The remaining testosterone, known as “free testosterone,” then reacts with muscle cells to create physical changes.

Theoretically, the more “free testosterone” is available, the greater the muscle mass that will be formed.


Various studies have shown that more supply of “free testosterone” can trigger an increase in muscle mass.

Testosterone can increase muscle mass because it increases muscle protein synthesis in the body.

This will then trigger an increase in fat-free muscle mass and muscle size. Testosterone (anabolic hormone) is also known to be able to limit the effects of cortisol (catabolic hormones).

An increase in testosterone will inhibit the effect of cortisol as a breaker of muscle mass. Testosterone is also associated with its ability to increase the number of red blood cells.

Increased red blood cells will increase the flow of oxygen throughout the body and help increase endurance in athletes.


There are several claims that have not been based on strong evidence of testosterone. One claim says that testosterone can strengthen bones.

Another claim states that testosterone can increase the nitrogen content in muscles and stimulate the hormone IGF-1.

All of the above claims have not yet been accompanied by definitive evidence, but on the other hand, it also holds the possibility of testosterone’s ability to help grow muscle mass.

Side effects

One reason that testosterone supplementation is not too preferred is because of the side effects it causes. Additional testosterone can deepen sound by enlarging the larynx.

Testosterone supplementation is also associated with increased body hair growth and reduced overhead hair growth