Ever puzzled who invented golf? However, a golfer with a drive which will go 280 yards (260 m) but typically would not fly straight shall be less in a position to place their ball advantageously; the ball may “hook”, “pull”, “draw”, “fade”, “push” or “slice” off the meant line and land out of bounds or within the rough or hazards, and thus the participant will require many more strokes to hole out.

Nevertheless, programs are often designed with hazard placement to mitigate this benefit, forcing the scratch player to “lay up” to avoid bunkers or water, whereas the bogey golfer is more or less unaffected because the hazard lies out of their range.golf

The Federation underwent a major enlargement in 2009 that noticed eleven new tours become full members – the Canadian Tour, Tour de las Américas, China Golf Association, the Korea Skilled Golfers’ Association, Skilled Golf Tour of India , and the operators of all six major ladies’s tours worldwide.

A golf course consists of either 9 or 18 holes, every with a teeing ground that’s set off by two markers displaying the bounds of the legal tee area, fairway , tough and other hazards , and the putting green surrounded by the fringe with the pin (usually a flagstick) and cup.golf

By recording solely this easy win-loss-halve score on the sheet, a participant can shrug off a very poorly-performed hole with a simple “-” mark and transfer on. As used in competitions, the player or pair with one of the best win-loss “differential” wins the competition.golf